There iz 1 guarentee, u will alwayz have me!


BOOM! KACK! the sound of my heart the beat goes on and on and on and on and

shine on xo


'Who the fuck is Laurieann Gibson?'

miss mother dream warrior so much :(

me 3 littl kac

we wel neva forgt de quen of ~danse~ mayh she resst in piss

amen 2 u boomkat god bes

Bleach out all the fucks
She swallows each disrespectful fuck
Her tweets will love and save you from yourself
And maybe she’ll just clean the shit off of her dancing shoes
She’ll be a Princess Kack and swagg with you
Princess Kack
You wanna see her swagg
Princess Kack
Princess Kack
The final act of ~danse~
Will be in her own hands to do
She’ll be a Prince Kack
And Kack with you

Lauryanne Gibson 

Mist u angels

if boomkack had a dick, who would she fuck?

onley boomkak is worth y fo herslef

mist u 2 xoxo

bles u

we luv u dream warriorz 

shine on mustard seeds

keep on kackin

my anglez





Somewhere in Boomkack, NY

hola hola hola, boomkack and granola!



There’s One Guarantee !!! You’ll Always Have Me !!!